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Levo mini
The super scratcher

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Durable. Versatile. Replaceable. Colourful

Choose a mini scratcher or scratcher bed

Then choose your scratcher mattress from a variety of textures and colours

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Scratcher bed Mini Scratcher

Looks better. Lasts longer. Saves money

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Cardboard scratchers

Cat condos

Wipe clean
Water resistant
Durable (tested to 24 months)
Replaceable surface
Safe/natural materials

Levo mattress is durable, washable and replaceable.

Designed by owners for the love of pets

  • 2-in-1​

    Practical, modern design that provides a comfortable bed and a scratching surface in one.​

  • Durable

    Hand-crafted, natural wooden bed. Long lasting, replaceable mattress.​

  • Responsible

    Eco-friendly. Socially empowering.

Rigorous testing of multiple designs (with many cats) to design a scratcher bed that cats just love.


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