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Levo Cares

About Pets, People and our Planet

Our mission:

To be good and to do good. To achieve success in the most responsible, respectable and admirable way.​

The Latin word Levō, means to lift up, to comfort, to relieve.
Levo Cares. We care about pets, about our society and about the environment we live in. And of course, we care about our customers.​

We Care About Pets

Increasingly, pets are becoming part of the family. They deserve to be treated with the care and dignity we would shower on ourselves.​

Levo products are made to human standards of finish so they are supremely functional, durable and compliment their human surroundings.​

Our concepts are the result of exhaustive testing and observation. We’ve got a good idea what cats love. The contours and the surfaces, we’ve tried and tested many. ​

​While we love our pets, we also love our homes.

Cat’s love to scratch. It’s a normal, instinctive behaviour. Cats are attracted to anything with a nubby, coarse or textured surface, or something they can really sink their claws into. Sadly, they often choose to destroy our valuable furniture for lack of a good alternative.​


Not only will the Levo Mat outlast cheaper cardboard scratchers, our range of replaceable surfaces and colours means your Levo Cradle can last a lifetime.​


Levo is Dao. Levo is love.

Dao is our founder.

The caring values of our brand are a reflection of her character. Her vision to do what is right, comes before profits.

Whether it’s her deep love of pets, care for the environment or her concern for people.

Dao’s heart is the driving force behind Levo. And Levo is love.

We Care About Our Planet

In his ground-breaking documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” former US Vice President Al Gore said “Each one of us is a cause of global warming, but each one of us can make choices to change that with the things we buy …. The solutions are in our hands, we just have to have the determination to make it happen.”

At Levo, we made choices that would cause least harm to the environment. We opted to use eco-friendly, bio-degradable materials. When you receive your Levo product, you will notice that virtually no plastic is used.

Pine tree rings
pine forest

Why we use solid wood

Solid wood products are naturally beautiful and durable providing use well beyond the lifespan of other materials.

We can dramatically reduce CO² emissions by using timber as an alternative to other products.

We only use fast-growing timbers because of the rapid regrowth of their forests. Also, unlike other products, such as plastics and metals, wood requires much less energy in the conversion of raw products to usable ones and in the remanufacture of material. Our solid wood pet furniture can be washed or wiped clean – unlike cheaper cardboard alternatives.

Why we use sisal

Sisal fibres come from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana cactus. As a natural fibre, sisal is a renewable and sustainable material. Sisal is among the strongest natural fibres, providing greater durability.

Furthermore, sisal is completely biodegradable.

Sisal fibre emits very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a variety of chemicals that pollute air quality and can cause adverse health effects. ​

Approximately 1,000 fibres are extracted from a single leaf, and the rest of the plant is used to either feed farm animals or produce electricity. This ensures the entire plant is put to use, which reduces waste and supports the economy.​


The agave cactus. Mother of sisal fiber.​

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