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  • Replacement scratch mat with cushion


    The scratcher with cushion mattress provides an irresistible scratching surface with ultimate kitty comfort.

    The generous foam cushion is covered in a super-soft, velour fabric that can be safely dry-cleaned or machine-washed. Select your colour option.

    The scratcher surface is made from a natural fiber (sisal), and is also available in your choice of natural, white or brown to suit your décor.​

    The mattress is easy to replace thanks to velcro strips that grip the Levo cat scratcher bed (for tenacious scratchers).


    Our replacement mat with cushion extends the life of your Levo cat scratcher bed. You can change colours and change textures to suit your preferences – and those of your cat.​

    Thanks to the velcro strips, the mat can be removed from your Levo scratcher bed and replaced in seconds.​

    Weight0.5 kg
    Dimensions77 × 35.5 × 2 cm
    Scratcher colours

    Natural, White, Dark

    Velour colours

    Pink, Orange, Brown

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