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  • Levo Classic Scratcher Bed


    Cats can’t resist the Levo Classic cat scratcher bed. It has been carefully designed for the comfort of your cats and to compliment your home decor.

    It differs from the Modern version because of its darker more classic look. But like all Levo products, the Classic is designed to last.​

    The Classic bed comes complete with your choice of mattress, scratching-surface colour and velour trim colour.​

    Create your own unique cat scratcher bed with the selections below.

    PLEASE NOTE: We use seasonal woods that may vary in colour from the photos shown. Check with us for the latest stock.


    Levo Classic cat scratcher bed comes with a darker finish. A classic-looking piece of furniture that will protect your and compliment your home.

    The mattress provides an irresistible scratching surface for your cat. Choose from 19 colour and surface options to suit your décor.

    Made from a natural fiber (sisal), the mattress is available either as a full length scratcher or a scratcher with cushion. The full scratcher surface is great for particularly scratchy cats or choose a cushion in a super-soft velour finish for ultimate kitty comfort.

    Replacement mats can be purchased separately to keep your Levo scratcher bed looking good and functioning well for years.




    Weight4 kg
    Dimensions70 × 40 × 18 cm

    Scratcher with cushion, 100% scratcher

    Scratcher colours

    Natural, White, Dark

    Velour colours

    Pink, Orange, Brown

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